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<My Profile>
Name: Miyata, Ryu (Freelance Writer / Translator)

M.A. in International Studies (Majored in Japanese Linguistics)
B.A. in English and English Literature
Studied Essay-writing at a college in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Completed a course to teach Japanese as a foreign language at Pana-Lingua Institute

[Work experience]
Sales Representative at an international education company
Desk Manager of Bachelor Officers Quarters at a U.S. Naval Air Facility
Manager at an Institute for Education

[General Information]
Certified by the Japanese Ministry of Education in Japanese pen calligraphy, 1992

Creative Writing:
Recipient of a Movie Company(Amuse co.) Award for Best Essay, 1993
Recipient of a Publishing Company(Aichi Shuppan co.) Award for one of the Best Short Stories, 2003
Received FLTA Scholarship from IIE (Institute of International Education, NY),1995

<Translation Work>
NTV's program "BOON!" and "MOBI" - CART official releases (full time: two years)
Coca Cola - a Video narration and house organs
Children's English textbook.

<Essay / Story>
'Consideration of Japanese Subtitles in the Movie vol.1' - "Sanken Tsushin 45" Obirin University Industrial Institute, 1999
'What Did Kubrick Leave For Us? Consideration of Japanese Subtitles in Movies vol.2' - "Sanken Tsushin 47" Obirin University Industrial Institute, 2000
'Are Recent Hollywood Movies Weapons?' "Hoshi no Jikan" Subaru Institute for Education, 2000
'A letter Found at Christmas' "Cho Tanpen Kessakusen vol.1" Aichi shuppan, 2003
"English Mix"( some articles ) Takarajima-sha, 2003
<Created Websites>
ECC (gathered materials at about 60 schools and made their HP contents), a Golf page "Me kara Uroko", Subaru Institute for Education, Nihon 'I' learned society, Internet School "EDFUN", VIP Enter Corp., 'T' university 'I' Lab., Word Studio, "TV champion" Yagyu Kyubei's HP, Hoheburg music institute etc.